Membership Benefits

Membership of Christchurch Memorial RSA is not required in order to visit Trenches as the company operates a full On-license under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

Both Trenches and Christchurch Memorial RSA operate membership opportunities to our patrons which provide worthwhile discounts on all food and beverage offerings at Trenches. These discounts represent significant savings for our regular patrons.

Our membership categories:

  • RSA Returned Member ($40.00 subscription):
    • Serving member or ex-member of NZ Defence Forces or member of NZ Police who has served on operational service overseas.

  • RSA Service Member ($40.00 Subscription):
    • Serving member or ex-member of NZ Defence Forces without operational service overseas.

  • RSA Associate Member ($40.00 subscription):
    • Members who wish for whatever reason to be associated with the RSA movement but have had no military or Police service.

  • RSA Corporate Member (By negotiation):
    • Companies and other organisations that wish to make regular use of the facilities or provide a convenient and safe social environment for their staff.

  • RSA Member Couples ($60.00 subscription):
    • All classes of RSA member can apply for couple membership.

  • RSA Youth Member ($5.00 subscription):
    • Youth under 18 years of age with a connection to the RSA or members of the NZ Cadet Forces.

  • Trenches Loyalty Card Member ($30.00 subscription):
    • 10% off all purchases will be deducted and loaded onto your loyalty card for later redemption at Trenches on our product range.

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